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“DINNER FOR ONE is far and away the funniest, most inventive comedy troupe I have seen...The performers are versatile, accessible, never ever ever gratuitous and challenge the audience to have as much fun as they are having. And the challenge is always met.



- Bill Scheft, longtime writer for David Letterman



Dinner for One is an award-winning NYC comedy collective and writing team managed by Allen McRae with Authentic Management.  Based in Brooklyn, they write, produce, act, direct, edit and mix all projects in-house ranging from indie television to short films, social media videos, live sketch shows, podcasts and digital shorts. 

They have performed at New York Comedy Festival, UCB, the PIT, ASYLUM and headlined sketch festivals all over the country. Their videos have been featured on Funny or Die, Reddit, Huffpo Comedy and Comedy Central Digital.  They’ve been written up in Vulture, The Guardian, Laugh Spin.


Reminiscent of Monty Python and the Not Ready for Prime Time Players, .Dinner For One is a rehearsed juggernaut, featuring seasoned actors, polished physical bits, and original commentary.. 

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